Reference Books

  • George P. Sutton, Oscar Biblarz: Rocket Propulsion Elements
  • John R. London: LEO on the Cheap
  • Gerald K. O'Neil: The High Frontier

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October 06, 2009


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john hare

I had no idea that the tip turbine concept went back that far. My first though was, "turn the turbine blades on their sides and it becomes my cagejet concept". From before my parents were born.

John Bossard

It is indeed pretty amazing.
Steam turbine technology goes back to early in the 19th century. There might be examples even earlier, but the development of better turbine technology had to wait until the thermodynamics of the gas expansion process was better understood and quantified.

Randy Campbell

To "brief" want more... Now... quit reading and start writing... why are you still here... Get to work...

Seriously; insitefull, informative, and interesting. As usual you have the "3-I's" covered perfectly :o)


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